Crediting Charges


MFour DIY™  uses a pay-per-complete model. This means that you only pay for the total amount of completes for a study. There are no charges for project management or terminated responses. The sample size will include only verified, cleaned, and completed responses. Therefore, if you request a sample size of n=200, you will receive 200 verified, cleaned, and completed responses.

Your funds for a survey will be held in escrow while it is being fielded. Funds will be withdrawn for each completed survey as it comes in. Funds will not be withdrawn from the escrow account for terminated panelists. Funds are removed from your balance and put into escrow for the project once your survey have been submitted for approval.

The balance on your dashboard tells you how much remains in your account. This amount excludes funds that are held in escrow for current or pending projects.

Cleaning Data and Oversampling

In some scenarios, some studies will need to be oversampled in order to meet certain quotas or for data cleaning purposes. Your account will not be charged for oversampling or cleaned responses.


Crediting your Account for Incomplete Surveys

If your survey is paused before it has reached its sample size, your funds for that survey will be held in escrow until the survey is resumed or closed. If you choose to stop the survey before the total sample size has been collected, your account will be credited for the remaining, outstanding completes.