Account Management

To manage your account, click “Account” in the top right corner. In the Account section, you'll find two different tabs for "Profile and Billing."

From the Profile section, you can edit:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • E-Mail
  • Phone Number
  • Password

Click the “Billing” tab for your billing options. On the left is your "Current Balance," including  funds for current projects and an “Add Funds” option.

"Current Balance" is the amount in your account. It's divided into Dedicated Funds, already allocated to current projects, and Available Funds, funds that can be used for new projects. 

Use the "Add Funds" box to enter the amount you'd like to put in. You can use a credit card or make an ACH payment. 

On the right, you can export your payment history. Clicking “export” will e-mail a CSV file with your payment history to the e-mail address in your “Profile” section.