Understanding the Tracker

What Is a Tracker?

A tracker is a powerful tool that displays data, survey responses, and other information as they're gathered in real time during the time that your survey is in field. You get accurate, continuously updated numbers and statistics as responses come in.

Overview – at the top of your tracker is the survey response overview that gives quick statistics about your survey.

  • Attempts- the number of panelists who attempted taking your survey.
  • Completes- the number of panelists who were successfully able to complete your survey.
  • Terminates- the number of panelists were disqualified when taking your survey.
  • Drop Offs- the number of panelists who started your survey but did not complete the survey.
  • Mean Complete Time: the average time it takes a panelist to complete your survey.

Tracker Tools- at the top right of your tracker are the tools for customizing your tracker. 

  • Add Filter- the “Add Filter” tool allows you to filter responses with your tracker. For example, if you only want to see the how females responded, you can apply a filter, select the gender quota, and select female. You can add more filters to better target certain response subsets of your survey. 
  • Jump To-  allows the user to jump to a particular question in the tracker.
  • Refresh- allows you to update your tracker with real-time statistics.
  • Export- is a tool for exporting raw data. Click export and a CSV file will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your account. If you have multimedia questions in your survey, the CSV file will reference the file name for each, individual panelist's response. 
  • Multimedia Download- Multimedia will allow you to export your survey's multimedia responses. After clicking Multimedia Download, all multimedia files for that survey will be downloaded as a zip file on your computer. You can refer to the CSV export to match each individual multimedia file to a particular panelists’ response.