Progress Bar

The black bar at the top of the page is the Progress Bar. The Progress Bar tells you where you are at any stage of the DIY process. 

  1. Stage 1: Dashboard-- The Dashboard is the hub of your DIY platform. From here, you’ll check the status of all your surveys, build a new survey, or change to a different survey. 
  2. Stage 2: Build-- The Build section of the Progress Bar is the survey editor. From here, you can create your survey using a wide variety of question types, quotas, multimedia options, and more. 
  3. Stage 3: Test-- Stage 3 is where you test your survey on our smartphone emulator. Before you can submit your survey, you must test it without terminating. Once you have finished testing, you can go back and edit your survey, retest it to try a different path, or go to the next step to submit your survey for approval.
  4. Stage 4: Field-- After testing your survey, you can submit it for approval. Here, you will pick your fielding dates and receive an itemized list of all of the quotas and GPS locations in your survey. 
  5. Stage 5: Analyze-- Once your survey has gone into field, you can track it on the "Analyze" tab. Here you can see responses in our Survey Tracker or download a spreadsheet with individual responses.