Survey List

In the gray box beneath the three green account overview boxes is your Survey List. The Survey List shows all of the surveys you have created.

Info: Clicking the info buttons gives you top line stats about your survey:

  • Incidence Rate -- reflects how many panelists qualified for your survey and completed it, out of the total number who attempted to take it before some were disqualified.
  • Attempts -- the number of panelists who have attempted your survey.
  • Terminates -- the number of panelists who have attempted your survey but didn't qualify.
  • Cost -- the total cost of your survey, also broken down by the CPI (Cost Per Incident).

ID: This is your survey ID. Each survey has its own identification.

Completes: Number of respondents who have completed the survey.

Status: Gives the status of each survey. Clicking the status label will take you to the step you have reached in designing your survey. Here is a list of different survey statuses: 

  • Editing --You are currently designing your survey. Once you are ready to submit it, you will need to test it in our smartphone emulator (Stage 3). Clicking "editing" will take you to the survey editor. 
  • Submit -- You've tested your survey and it's ready to be reviewed. This is where you input your requested fielding dates, contact information, and leave any notes for the reviewer. Then click “Submit for Approval.”
  • Under Review -- You have submitted your survey and our DIY specialists have it under review. We ask for eight hours to check your survey's specifications. Clicking "Under Review" will take you back to your submission confirmation. 
  • Approved -- Congratulations! Your survey has been approved and is ready to begin fielding on the date you requested. 
  • Rejected -- Our specialists have rejected your survey and will explain why. Clicking "Rejected" will take you back to the Survey Editor.
  • Fielding -- Your survey is currently fielding responses. To track responses as they come in, click on "Fielding" or the Survey Name and you will be taken to the Survey Tracker. 
  • Closed -- Your survey has finished fielding and the results are ready to be analyzed. To see your results, click "Closed" or the Survey Name and you will be redirected to the Survey Tracker. 

Last Modified: The most recent date your survey was modified.

Duplicate Survey: The page icon next to the "Last Modified" date is the Duplicate Survey button. If you want to duplicate a survey for possible reuse, click this button to copy and add it to your Survey List. All duplicated surveys will have an "Editing" status.

Pause: If you pause your survey, the allocated funds will remain allocated to that survey until you resume fielding it or decide to finish fielding. Panelists who were taking your survey before it was paused will still be able to complete it. If you do not resume your survey within 14 days, it will automatically be stopped and closed. 

Stop: Stopping your survey ends fielding and frees any unspent funds you had allocated for it. Stopped surveys cannot be reopened. However, any panelists still taking your survey before it was stopped will be able to complete it. Those completes will count towards your budget.

Delete Survey: Click the "X" to the far right of the Survey List to delete a survey. If you would like to bring back a deleted survey, please contact our support staff within 14 days to have it restored. Surveys that have been deleted for more than 14 days are not recoverable.