Charts and Data Tables

Charts and data tables in the tracker are generated automatically for all closed-ended survey questions.  They're available for two common question types: Single Selection and Multiple Selection:

Single Selection and  Multiple Selection

Table: Displays the answer options with the number and percentage of respondents who chose one.

Pie Chart: A circle divided into slices, one for each answer choice. The size of each slice represents the percentages of respondents who gave that answer. 

Bar Chart: A bar diagram in which each bar represents an answer. The height of each bar reflects how many respondents gave that answer. 

Crosstab: Allows you to compare results or different questions. 

Short Answer

Short Answer List: Lists answers in short-statement form, showing how many respondents picked each one. 

Short Answer Cloud: Displays all the answers as a cluster of words in different sizes. The larger the font, the more popular that answer was.

Intensity Scale

Stats: Gives the answer choices by statistical measures (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, high, low).


Pie Chart

Bar Chart


Ranked Order and Two-Tap Matrix (Grids):

Matrix Table: Lays out the matrix into a table showing the frequency of each answer choice selected for each option.

Cluster Bar Chart: A graph that is used to compare the different answers for each question choice. Each bar represents a different answer choice. The bars are grouped in clusters representing question choices.

Date/Time Response

Short Answer List


Interactive Image

Heat Chart: Displays the image with answer choices in a grid and the number of panelists that selected each region of the image.

Image/Video/Audio Capture

Displays the panelist media capture and allows you to scroll through and view their content.