Adding and Editing Questions

To the left are all the different questions you can ask in your survey. At the top of the list are “Quotas” and “Primary Questions.” Click on “Quotas” for a drop-down menu of demographic groups you can specify to receive your survey. Click on “Primary Questions” for a list of the question and answer formats you can choose.

Click on a question type you want, or by drag and drop it into the box labeled “Drag Question Here.” Either way it will appear in the column labeled “Navigator.” A gray and white box will appear: this is the Question editor. This is where you’ll formulate and target your questions or fill out specs for quotas and other features. Each time you finish filling out the information for a new question or other element, click “Save.” Repeat the process until you’ve finished all your questions, specified all your demographic choices and added any of the other features you want to use.

To make changes to a question or quota you’ve saved, click anywhere on its box in the Question View List and make your edits, then click “Save” again. To undo the changes, click “Cancel.” To discard a question, click “Delete.”

Questions will appear in the order you’ve created them, with the newest at the bottom. They’ll also be listed by their labels in the same order, under “Navigator.” You can change the order by dragging and dropping any item to a new position in the Navigator.