How To Create A New Survey

  • First, click on the green “+Survey”
  • Select your audience. You can choose from three pre-designed audience templates --  General Population, Millennials, U.S. Plural Population (Generation Z) -- or create your own audience by selecting Custom.
  • Next, select your survey type. You can choose from our pre-designed survey templates for Customer Satisfaction, Product Evaluation, or Net Promoter Score, or create your own survey from scratch with Custom.
  • Input the name of your survey. This will not be seen by panelists. Once you submit your survey, a specialist will work with you to create an unbiased survey name for the panelist.
  • Input your sample size by selecting the “n=” text box under your survey name. Sample size is the number of respondents you need to complete your survey. The maximum sample size is 1,000.
  • Select “Create Project.”
  • This will open the Survey Editor.