Submit for Approval

Once you have successfully tested your survey you can begin the process for getting it approved.

Summary  On the left side you have the summary of your survey. It indicates Pricing, Quotas, and GPS Locations.

Requested Fielding Dates

Start: The date and time you would like your survey to start fielding. The soonest you can field your survey is 24 hours after submitting it for approval. 

End: The date and time you would like your survey to end fielding. Please enter an “end” date that’s at least three days after fielding begins. Actual fielding times will vary from just a few hours to three days or more, depending on the survey’s quota requirements and complexity. A DIY specialist will reach out to you if the study you’ve submitted appears likely to require more than three days for fielding. 

Time Zone: All surveys are fielded in Pacific Standard Time. 

Contact Info Please provide your email and phone number so we can contact you if we have questions about your survey. 

Notes This section is for bringing any additional information, comments, questions, requests or concerns to the reviewer's attention.