Basic Logic Branching

Logic branching is a system of rules written into a survey to individualize the survey flow for specific respondents/scenarios. It is used in conjunction with a previous question. For example, a survey may ask panelists if they are male or female. You can use logic branching to write follow-up questions that are different for each gender.


1. Add any type of quota. In this example we will use the Education quota. 

2. Create a follow-up question that you only want to address to people that have completed a “Post Graduate Study or Degree." In this example we will use a Multiple Selection question.

3. We will now use logic branching to target this question to panelists who completed a “Post Graduate Study or Degree” in the first question (Q1).

4. In the Logic Branching section, type “Education.” All the answer choices for Q1 will appear. Click on “Post Graduate Study or Degree.”

5. This ensures that only respondents who have done Post Graduate Study or Degree will receive this question.