Adding Images

Adding Independent Images (Without Answer Choices)

Use the Image Display question type to add an image for panelists to see, along with accompanying text. 

  • Drag and drop the Image Display question from the left side pane under “Multimedia Options.”
  • Click the “Media Upload” button in the top right corner.
  • Add question text to accompany the image.

Adding Images to Question Text

You can add images to the text of any type of primary question so the panelist sees answer choices on the same page. To add an image to a question text:

  • Select any one of the primary question types.
  • Click “Media Upload.”
  • Select a file from your computer.
  • Start upload.

Adding Images to Answer Choices

You can add images to accompany answer choices. For instance, if you are asking about TV actors, you can add headshots next to their names to help the panelist remember who they are. You can add images to answer choices for the following question types:

  • Single Selection
  • Multiple Selection
  • Ranked Order
  • Two-Tap Matrix (Grids)

To add images to answer choices:

  • Select one of the above question types.
  • Click the button with the “Image Upload” icon [insert icon], located in the “Image” column.
  • Select a file from your computer.
  • Start upload.
  • An icon of your uploaded image will appear alongside its name in the “Choice Name” column.


Image Upload Requirements

  • Format: JPEG, JPG, or PNG
  • File Size: 2MB or less