Question Layout

Question Editor Screen

  1. Question ID: Question IDs (QID) identify each individual question in your survey, appearing in the left corner of the gray bar at the top of each question box. They are used for identifying a particular question for a variety of tasks including importing a shared list into another question or creating piping logic to certain questions. If you would like to change the QID, click the QID in the top left corner in the Question Editor and you'll be able enter a new QID tag.

  2. Media Upload: Upload an image, audio file, or video file to go with your question.

  3. Question: Type your question in this field.

  4. Text Editor: Change the question font style (bold / italics / underline / color).

  5. Shared List: Click to insert answer choices from a previous question. You can include or exclude selections the panelist picked previously.

  6. Choice ID: The answer choice code associated with the answer option for data process and exporting purposes.

  7. Choice Name: These are the answer choices as the panelist sees them.

  8. Image: Upload an image display with this answer choice.

  9. Random: Check this if you want your answer choice to appear randomly instead of always occupying the same rank in the answer list.

  10. Exclusive: Check this to prevent a respondent who picks this choice from checking any other answers in the same answer list

  11. Quota: Once this limit has been reached, people selecting this choice will be terminated.

  12. Autofill: Clicking autofill evenly distributes quota targets amongs all choices. 

  13. (+)(-): Add new answer choice (You can also press the "Tab" button on your keyboard to increase the number of response options. Remove this answer choice.

  14. Min Choices: Minimum number of answers the panelist must select.

  15. Max Choices: Maximum number of answers the panelist may select.

  16. Logic Branching: This is where you can assign logic to the question. Logic branching is used in conjunction with a previous question. For example, the survey may ask if a panelist owns a car.  You can use logic to write one follow-up question for car owners, or another question that will only be asked of people who do not own a car. For more information on logic branching, click here

  17. Cancel: Cancels any changes made to your question.

  18. Delete: Deletes your question.

  19. Save: Saves your question.