Advanced Tools

Collapsed Variable

A collapsed variable can be used to collect data into groups or buckets, or to group respondents based on their responses to several previous questions, using logic. For example, you can use a collapsed variable to re-categorize your data by specifying that all 18-24 Males who answered “yes” to Q1 be grouped together.

Collapsed variables are not visible to the panelist; grouping happens in the background of the survey.

Termination Points

Termination points are action commands programmed into your survey. They are invisible to the respondents, who'll be terminated from the survey if their answer to a "termination question" shows they don't meet the survey's criteria. Learn more about Logic Branching.

Instructional Text

Instructional Text conveys information you want respondents to have, but requires no action on their part. The most basic use is to set up a question.